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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rider's First Call by Kristen Britain

Resisting the call to be a green rider doesn't keep Karigan G'ladheon away long. The First Rider, Lil Ambriodhe, made sure of it. Karigan moves into service of the King of Sacoridia as a green Rider only to be thrown into a new adventure of great peril within her first couples years of service. The breach in the D'yer wall is loosing wild magic upon the Kingdom and strange happenings resulting from this is the least of their problems. The awareness beyond the wall is awakening more and more each day and it's calling out to it's old friends, servants...including Karigan...

Kristen Britain engulfs us in Karigan's story once more. We can only love Karigan more and more as we journey with her. Great adventure, deadly evil, preposturous betrayal, agonizing greif and forbidden love entrance us from page 1 to page 596 as with the last few pages we release a few tears for it all. I read this in about one day. It was AMAZING. To pass this book up would be ignorant. Ignorance is not bliss... Kristen Britain is. 25/5 Stars!!!!

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