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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Green Rider by Kristen Britain

In the Kingdom of Sacoridia, clans are united beneath one king. But it wasn't always so united and many clans were tainted with the evil from across seas. Mornhavon the Black, twisted, evil, magical...and still alive w/o embodiment after a thousand years being held behind The Wall of D'yer is reawakening with the help The Gray one, The Shadow Man.

Karigan G'ladheon, a merchant's daughter, runs away from school only to find herself faced with death, the death of a green rider bearing a message to the King. So, Karigan's journey begins as she is demanded to swear to deliver the message for the dying messenger.

Kristen Britain is a wonderful story teller. This book contains amazing adverture, dramatic magic, beautiful characters, bittersweet love and tons of courage. Unique in it's forms, I marveled in it. Usually in fantasy fiction you can detect the influence of other fantasy authors in the works, but here I found complete, amazing, great originality. I couldn't put it down. So easy to fall in love with the characters of good. Kristen Britain doesn't make the reader fret too much about what's to come by putting dreadful, obvious hints to things that are going to happen. She pulls us through with amazing story telling that just keeps the reader wanting more and more and more and more.... etc.. :) The story makes my hearts soar with happiness over the amazing creativity and passion behind the works, which Kristen Britain poured into this. A MUST READ!!!!! At 471 pages long, it took me about 3 days reading this on my vacation. I love Kristen Britain. She is now my favorite author. 25/5 Stars!!!!!! =D

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