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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bitter Thistle, Sweet Rose by Ruth Glover

This book is #2 in a series called The Wildrose Series. I have not read any of the other books in this series... yet. This 206 page book was much too short for my liking. It took me maybe 4 hours to read this. I found myself skimming through a lot of parts of the book as the author seemed to go on way to long in description of the landscape and setting. I've never had that happen to me before. I was sorely disappointed with this book as the back of the book suggests that supposedly a young lady named Linn is the main character of this book. Yet, as the story went through it didn't seem to focus even mainly on her, only some. That annoyed me a lot since I had been attracted to read this book by the creation of her character and introduction of her on the back of the book. I am hoping that the 3rd book of this series will carry on about the ending of Linn's story because this book doesn't give a good conclusion for her at all. If you enjoy historic romances set back in pioneer/settler type days with the Christian moralities preaching throughout the book, then I recommend this one for you. This author reminds me of Lauraine Snelling or Janette Oak, but not quite as good. 3/5 Stars!

Golden Urchin by Madeleine Brent

I picked this little filly up at a garage sale. :) lol. It was a wonderful delight. I had never heard of this author before. I read this 375 page book in about a day. This book, I would say is a mystery romance. There was so much action and adventure in it as well. There is never a boring part. I loved the detailed plot that was twisted and confusing. I loved the amazing characters. I recommend this as a must read for any body! This is a story about a young girl, raised among people who treated her poorly and how she made her way into her own world. Meg is an amazing girl and sometimes I found myself longing to be her. 5/5 Stars!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Treasure Keeper by Shana Abe

I re read this one last night. This is the newest book of the Drakon series I have read, about the romances between people that are dragons formed human. They face trials from humans wanting to kill them all and some of their own betraying them and learning to love each other along the way. This is my favorite of the series so far. We see miss Zoe Lane grow and learn about her amazing self, without her ever realizing how amazing she is til much later. She takes great risks for those she loves and is very courageous. At 310 pages long, it's much too short for my tastes, but it will continue on in another book. I anticipate that the next book in the series will probably be the conclusion. I highly recommend this book to read, but also highly recommend you start with the first book in the series and move forward from there. First is The Smoke Thief, 2nd is The Dream Thief, 3rd is Queen of the Dragons. 4/5 Stars for this one, only because I wished it were longer.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Brother's Price by Wen Spencer

I re read this book the other day. It is a interesting fantasy romance mystery. It's hard to actually put it in that category, but that's the best I can do. In this book the main character, Jerin, has to deal with the pressure of having to be married off so that the family will have enough money to do other things. The surprise is that Jerin is a man. In this world, the roles are switched. Woman are dominant because there are so few males. Males are considered property and sold or traded with other families to get a husband for their family. The families are huge, with a man having to marry 10-30 women from the same family. lol. Imagine how long a month would be for one of those women having to wait her turn... All in all a very enjoyable book. It's quite mind boggeling to think about, but it makes for a very interesting story. 5/5 Stars!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

So I just re-read the 3rd book of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. The 3rd movie for it is about to come out in theaters in a few months and I couldn't remember it well enough. This book is one hard to put down. I read the 629 page book in about a day and a half. This part is mostly the story of the struggle for Bella between Edward and Jacob. The action plot is moved through the revenge of Victoria. All the Victoria business gets resolved in an exciting, but not epic enough battle. I haven't ever been too impressed with Stephenie's fight sequences that she has written. It's all a little vague and short. I'm sure it's like that because she probably had a hard time describing and explain how a vampire battle would go down, especially when they move so fast human eyes can't hardly tell what is going on. I would describe this book as nearly as heart breaking as New Moon was, but from a broader prospective. It seems like everyone gets their heart broken at least a little bit and one person dramatically. *wolf howl* =*( If only she could love him enough. If only... If only it was just a story... OH WAIT! It is... lol. Silly me. I'm one of those people who yell at the characters on tv doing stupid stuff too. All in all a great addition to the whole saga, it wouldn't be complete with out it, though sometimes I wish Bella had never gone after Edward in New Moon and just stayed with Jacob. 5/5 Stars!