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Friday, June 4, 2010

Time Weaver by Shana Abé

I first started reading this series by Shana Abé a few years ago. The first book is Shadow Thief, followed by Dream Thief, then Queen of Dragons, and then Treasure Keeper. I definitely recommend starting at the beginning of this series before touching this book. I had a hard time reading Time Weaver, at only 325 pages long. It took me about a day to read this. It was hard for me to read this book because the main character is someone who we have seen and met previously in prior books and is made out to be someone evil, whom we don't like. Thinking about it reminded me of Christine Feehan's last book in her Dark series, Dark Slayer. The author takes a character whom they have twisted to their evil will and made their readers dislikes and tries to make them good again, in one book. Christine Feehan was successful in making the character of Dark Slayer good again and earned him a spot back in the readers' hearts. However, Shana Abé fails to do this for Honor Carlisle in Time Weaver. I trudged through the book, skimming several paragraphs without really reading them, just so I could get on with the story and find out if Honor ruined everything for everyone whom we have already falling in love with in the previous books. I'm hoping from the epilogue that Shana Abé will not return any future books' point of views to Honor or her beloved... I do hope though that she will continue on with more books about those whom we already love, or new characters we don't know yet. I love Shana Abé's books, and I forgave her instantly for writing this book. I knew it was necessary for her to, in order to answer questions and continue the overall plot carried on from one book to another. 3/5 Stars. A must read for anyone wishing to read this series... I'm sorry.

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