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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The High King's Tomb by Kristen Britain

Karigan's adventures as a green Rider continue as she continues with normal rider business and dealing with personal feelings that can't be recouped. Mean while the Second Empire is using necromancy magic to stir up trouble and try to weaken the wall farther. How much time is left before they have to encounter and face Mornhavon again? They don't know, but they are frantic to heal the wall and learn how to defend themselves against him before he appears again. With apprentices, horse kings, bleeding walls, kidnapping, impersonations, daring rescues, walking through veils of worlds, the undead, and vengeful officers; Karigan is up to her ears in the thick of it. Not even Ms. Bunch and Ms. Berry can compare being up to their ears in it with pirates. Will Karigan's love for the King be able to emerge? Will Lady Estora's secret be her ruin? Will Salvistar's touch taint Karigan? Well...this book doesn't answer all our questions. LOL.
A wonderful 3rd book addition to this series. At 642 pages long it took me about 3 days to read this, only because I was so busy with things going on for my birthday and the 4th of July festivities. :) I didn't wish to put this book down,ever, but still had to in order to live life. It will be a long wait for the next book to come out. All else I have to say besides stars is; Thank you Sir, may I have another? lol. 5/5 Stars!!! <3 it.

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