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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati

An amazing historical romance. Sara Donati wove magic through this tale of a school marm set on being a spinster.

Elizabeth Middleton left England with her brother to join their father in "Paradise", New York. The small village was like a seed planted in the middle of the forest. The seed of "town" wasn't the only kind of seed to take hold in this adventure. The villagers are all riled up about the Mohawk people who want to claim Hidden Wolf mountain. A great tale of love, survival, and prejudice. At 876 pages long, it took me three days to read. I could not put the book down or out of my mind. Plus there is promises of four more books in the series. Must read! 5/5 Stars!!

Polgara the Sorceress by David and Leigh Eddings

This is the story told from Polgara's point of view. As with Balgarath the Sorcerer, we get the same time line nearly and also the nice little brief glimpses into life for Belgarion and his family after everything has happened. I find that after reading Polgara the Sorceress, I actually like Polgara more. She isn't really all that likable in the series except that you feel you must love her since Garion does. It might have been David and Leigh Eddings way of making Polgara shine the way they had really wanted her to. I found myself depressed at times during the story and other times annoyed with Polgara that she'd act so bossy, or rude to even her father. I suppose she may have had good reason to act that way, but I found that I didn't like her in those spots. I like Belgarath alot. Maybe I'm just biased. Anyways, a very nice contribution to the end of the line of books of Belgarion's life. 4/5 Stars!!

The Belgariad: Volume One(inclusive of books: Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, and Magician's Gambit) by David Eddings

David Eddings has created a wonderful epic fantasy series. He claims it all started with a map sketch. It is such a wonderful series that I have read the entire series 3 times.

Garion is a normal seeming youth growing up on a farm in Sendaria with his Aunt Pol. Everything is mostly normal until a visit from a vagabond story teller leads them on a great adventure after a thief. The party grows and grows and grows until Garion is unsure about his role in the party and things lead him to question all he held dear and right in his life... Thus began the first great novel in the series, Pawn of Prophecy.

Stuck with unpleasant realizations that everything has changed, Garion is now waiting in the cold snow of Arendia for more party members to arrive. He sinks into self pity and anger over events that he can't control. Little clues keep popping out at Garion, confusing him about his true role in the whole affair. What will it all mean? What has Garion become a part of? What has Garion become? He learns more than he wanted to as he travels from one country to another in the continued search for the thief... Thus continues Garion's story in Queen of Sorcery.

Things rush to a head with the magician, Ctuchik. The orb, the stolen object, is now in his possession. Garion learns what he is and who is Aunt Pol and the vagabond story teller, Mister Wolf, really are. Gaining new friends along his journey, Garion can't begin to imagine going back to Faldor's Farm, but he wishes everything would go back to normal and he could just go home... Thus finales in a cliff hanger, nearly literally, Volume one, Magician's Gambit.

Love this series. Must read. 5/5 Stars!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Belgarath the Sorcerer by David and Leigh Eddings

It's been a while since I have written a review on a book I'm reading. Not because I haven't been reading but just cuz I've been lazy about typing up the review after I'm done reading. I just kept plowing through from one book to another.

This is David and Leigh Eddings answer to many wanting the back story before the Belgarion and The Mallorean. This is told in first person by Belgarath. At first I thought that this could be read before the Belgariad, but then upon conclusion, decided otherwise. There are too many key things and names dropped by Belgarath during the telling of his story that would ruin the secrets of the Belgariad for a new reader. Over all it was immensely satisfying as a fan of the Belgariad and the Mallorean to read all this back story. It's also a plus that we get a small glimpse into the lives of the characters after the Belgariad and the Mallorean are finished. A great addition to my collection of books from this story line. 5/5 Stars!

I am including several book covers I have found. The first one is the same as the one I own, but the rest I just want to share because I love book cover art. :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The High King's Tomb by Kristen Britain

Karigan's adventures as a green Rider continue as she continues with normal rider business and dealing with personal feelings that can't be recouped. Mean while the Second Empire is using necromancy magic to stir up trouble and try to weaken the wall farther. How much time is left before they have to encounter and face Mornhavon again? They don't know, but they are frantic to heal the wall and learn how to defend themselves against him before he appears again. With apprentices, horse kings, bleeding walls, kidnapping, impersonations, daring rescues, walking through veils of worlds, the undead, and vengeful officers; Karigan is up to her ears in the thick of it. Not even Ms. Bunch and Ms. Berry can compare being up to their ears in it with pirates. Will Karigan's love for the King be able to emerge? Will Lady Estora's secret be her ruin? Will Salvistar's touch taint Karigan? Well...this book doesn't answer all our questions. LOL.
A wonderful 3rd book addition to this series. At 642 pages long it took me about 3 days to read this, only because I was so busy with things going on for my birthday and the 4th of July festivities. :) I didn't wish to put this book down,ever, but still had to in order to live life. It will be a long wait for the next book to come out. All else I have to say besides stars is; Thank you Sir, may I have another? lol. 5/5 Stars!!! <3 it.