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Monday, January 11, 2010

Starman by Sara Douglass

The final book of the Axis trilogy, Starman, was a wonderful read. Sara Douglass really makes the readers happy as they come to the end of this story. It was so exciting to read. All the answers we were longing for are revealed and we get to see many wondrous things happen. It's not a fairy tale ending of "happily ever after" though. We do see some death that wished we didn't happen, but all in was amazing. There are still 3 more books in The Wayfarer Redemption series, but they are a trilogy of their own which I have read are to be the story of Axis' children. I am nervous thinking about what they might bring, knowing that at least one of his children is meant for evil. My favorite part of this book would be revalation of the 9 star gods and the fact that we finally see Wolfstar credited for his help instead of his horrid deads from his past. I was also very happy to see the Bane who hates Azhure be discredited and disposed say in an unkind way. I wonder if the Bane had been corrupted by something evil trying to sway the Avar... The book is 647 pages long, not including the wonderful glossary again. The ending epilogue chapter really helps us tie this story to the next as we head out to the store to pick up the next in the series to discover the adventures that await Axis' children. I am happy with the epilogue, for in some stories the epilogue ends the book and series leaving you wanting more and upset with the author for that (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...ya that's right J.K. Rowling....I'm mad at you for your epilogue.) Anyways... I will give this book the best rating yet. 25/5 stars! The best book of the trilogy. Thank you Sara Douglass for this wonderful story.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Enchanter by Sara Douglass

So this is the 2nd book in the Wayfarer Redemption series (US) by Sara Douglass. It took me a long time to read this book mainly because I did not enjoy the love triangle that was evident through this whole book. I had already fallen in love with Faraday and then they introduce a new love into Axis' life... Anyways, what makes it so hard is that you fall in love with this other girl as much as you love Faraday...putting the reader in the same dilemma as Axis. This book is great though in having so many mysteries revealed and love found again, re awakening magical places... I could go on and on about how magical and wonderful this book is. We see people pulled together and some evil killed off. Exciting battle sequences and just amazing surprises that some aren't such a surprise if you have caught on to the clues leading up to them. Getting to the end makes me want to burst into tears of happiness for most of the characters and shout in a victory shout of glee for a few others. I will wait a bit longer before starting the 3rd book in this series only because I want to enjoy this happy ending for a little bit before moving on to see how Axis will yet defeat Gorgrael. 626 pages long, not including a wonderful glossary at the end. I highly recommend this book to read in the continuation of this trilogy. 10/10 stars!!