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Friday, November 6, 2009

Saving Grace by Julie Garwood

Started this book today...and finished it today. :) This one was only 407 pages in paperback edition. It was wonderful. I loved the celtic setting. I found it interesting how the author always puts some kind of physical abuse happening to the main female character by her husband or relative. Makes me wonder if she or a close friend had experienced something like that. There was stuff like that which happened in Prince Charming that she wrote. I love how Julie Garwood is able to go back and forth between different characters thoughts from paragraph to paragraph. Though I did worry that there may be some who may be confused in reading it if they couldn't grasp the change. It's very nice of her to use that to let the reader have more insight of the whole situation from different points of veiw. I really enjoyed the lovely banter between husband and wife in this book, it really showed a humorous tale of affection. I believe it was just as well in Prince Charming...I really love this author, but I'm worried that her stories may start to seem like cookies cut with the same cookie cutter and just decorated with different icing and sprinkles. won't keep me from trying each cookie to make sure ;) hehe 9/5 stars =P

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