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Sunday, November 1, 2009

no more Sword of Truth series

So, after only reading half way through the 4th book of the Sword of Truth series, Temple of the Winds, I decided that I would not finish it nor the rest of the series. I decided that I just couldn't go on reading these books. There was too much rape and torture. I seriously think that Terry Goodkind needs some counsoling. It also was too much suspense. I have read both The Belgariad and The Malloreon series by David Eddings and those were quite enjoyable. But The Sword of Truth series, I didn't get much enjoyment from reading. It felt almost like a chore. I felt I needed to finish the series so I could find out what happend to the characters. Then when I felt I could take no more, I remembered that....HEY! It's modern days, I can find anything on the internet. So happens that has a nice description of each book in the series' plot. SO i CHEATED! If you don't like that....blah! I don't care.. I'm done wasting my time being horrified at the horrible rape and torture scenes Terry Goodkind came up with. So...if you have also read these books only to stop short after being fed up with some of the annoying things in there, then I recommend looking them up on and reading the plots there to find out what happens to the characters. I would recommend the 1st book of this series only as a good read. I loved Wizard's First Rule. It was the only book I truly enjoyed in this series.

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