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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Castles by Julie Garwood

So, I started this book yesterday and finished it this evening. I think it was 400 and something pages long, but I'm not for certain since I just returned the book to my sister moments ago and forgot to look. This tale of Colin and Princess Alesandra was very much a cookie cutter story that Julie Garwood likes to write. It was still a good read though. It had a murder mystery in it, which was a little different than her other novels I read. I found out tonight that there are 2 other books written by Julie Garwood that have the stories of 2 couples we see in this story who know the main characters by relation or business. But since I already seen them in this story together, it made me decline to read those stories. I'll edit this later and post the titles of those so if you might feel the same way, you could read those stories first. Colin made me yell alot. Alesandra made me yell too but only because I couldn't understand how she would speak up and tell her mind to Colin when I thought she should. The little tid bits of "writing like this" in the story showing the mind of the murderer we are searching for, I found quite disturbing but through them I was able to figure out who it was way before the characters did. I give the book 7/5 stars.

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