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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is an amazing romance novelist. I have read A Walk to Remember and The Notebook written by him as well and he never fails in delivering a heart warming, lesson learned romance. He continues his well earned reputation with this wonderful novel. The Last Song has recently been made into a feature film staring Miley Cyrus. I wanted to read the book before watching the movie so I could enjoy the story even more when I watched the film because some many times they leave a lot out. The Last Song, at 463 pages long, took me two days to read. It's not a Nicholas Sparks novel if you don't have tears at least spring to your tear ducts at least once. However, that's no reason not to read them. Amazing amazing amazing.... Ronnie is so relatable. Steve is so ideal. Will is so swoonable. Jonah is so adorable. Blaze is so frustratable. Scott is so annoying. Marcus is so creepy.... A must read! Such great family values shown. Such amazing love shown. Such a mature understanding for love and family and life. God smiles down upon Nicholas Sparks as he is able to mass preach such good things to everyone without some of them even realizing it... lol. 25/5 Stars!!!! Go buy it now! It's definatly one to buy and keep on your book shelf.

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