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Saturday, May 22, 2010

DragonKnight by Donita K. Paul

The adventure continues with Kale and Bardon. I was at first disappointed that the book started out with only Bardon's point of view. I had not quite liked him enough after the last book to want to read from his point of view. But wanting to know what happens to Kale kept me reading. I was pleasantly surprised with I found out there was a Part Two further into the book which switches to Kale's point of view. Though you eventually realize that their points of view start to mix and become one as the story proceeds. This story starts three years after the last book ended. Bardon wants to become a knight, but he had found the social part of the role to be daughting for him. He is mostly a solitude person, enjoying time alone or with very few. With a decision to take time for solitude and sort himself out and have time with Wulder to figure out what Wulder's plan for him really is. Bardon's sabbatical doesn't last long. It is the start of another adventure, one that leads to new friends, new enemies and new realizations. This is the best of the books in this series I have read yet. :) Must read!!! 5/5 Stars!!!!

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