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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dragon Spell by Donita K. Paul

Looking for a new book to read, I found myself in the Religion section at Border's. They have a great selection of Christian fiction there. I saw this interesting looking book, Dragon Spell. This is a Christian based fantasy novel. The first in a series of 5, there may be more to come? At 334 pages long, it took me about two days to read. This is a story about a young slave girl, in the world of Amara, who finds herself unexpectedly on an exciting adventure. This quest surrounds Kale with many sticky situations. Yet, their God, Wulder is in everything they do and always manages to help them out. This story highly reflects that their Wulder is very much like our God here in real life. The story takes us through spiritual enlightenment as well as a fantasy story. Well told, with wonderful characters, enchanting lands and an amazing God like ours. This book is a must read! 5/5 Stars!!!

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