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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller

So, the book store didn't have the 5th book of the last book series I was reading in stock and I had to order it (Dragonlight by Donita K. Paul). Put out and dieing for something to read to pass the time til the book arrived, I bought The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller. I had seen it on the shelves every time I went into the book store and everytime it caught my attention but I passed it up. So I plucked it up this time, hoping for the best. The Innocent Mage, at 640 pages long, took me about a day, day and a half to read. Though I'm not sure you can really call it reading...more like skimming, skipping and trudging. This book was so slow. I did not enjoy this book much at all. The characters are hard to like, there isn't enough action and adventure. Too many things were unexplained AND after all left us in a cliff hanger. I'm like...what the heck!?! I am NOT going to go buy the next book nor go check it out from the library. This book was a waste of my time and not worth the aggrevation and sleep deprivation I went through, trying to finish it so I could continue on to something better. This is a first I believe... 0/5 stars. Not worth all the glances I took all those times in the store. Now I know why for so long I didn't buy it even though it caught my eye. I shouldn't have defied my senses.

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