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Saturday, May 22, 2010

DragonQuest by Donita K. Paul

The 2nd book in this wonderful series by Donita K. Paul. We continue on more adventures with Kale, the slave girl from the first book. Kale is supposed to be training at The Hall to serve Paladin and Wulder, but her plans change. She must go to be with Wizard Fenworth to start her apprenticeship with him as well as other duties she must take charge of. Forced to take a young man along, whom she doesn't like, Kale is left wondering what Wulder's plan for her really is. We get to meet new lovable characters in this story as well as ones we don't find as lovable at first, but learn to love. Quite a fun journey this leads to. A great read! At 349 pages long it took me about two days to read this book. I highly recommend reading this one after you have read the first! 5/5 Stars!!!

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