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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Talents (aka Delcroix Academy: The Candidates) by Inara Scott - Short review AND Study Guide Qs

What do you excel in? Would you, could you be a Candidate? Inara Scott nominates population Earth for the chance, the opportunity to be, Talented. America's Got Talent?...Pshh.. Britain's Got Talent?... Pshh... Next American Idol?...Pshh... Dream bigger, dream deeper. You could be a Candidate. *Insert Dramatic Oohs and Ahhs here*

Inara Scott's story of a small town girl hits a homer. The raggedy clothes, sweaty ball cap, and loving grandmother only add more to love about Dancia Lewis. Dancia, the girl who tries to be invisible, is talented but tries to hide it. Yet, everyone knows that you can't hide talent especially from recruiters like Cam and Mr. Judan. Mrs. Scott takes us on a fascinating journey into the life of Dancia as she learns to be accepted and loved for who she really is. A great message to send out to readers of YA. The Talents (aka The Candidates) is one of the best YA fiction novels I have read this year and I highly encourage everyone to buy it for yourselves or your favorite teen. 5/5 Stars!!!

*Apology to Inara Scott for taking so long to get a review of this book up. xoxo

**Read no further if you don't want any spoilers**

___The Talents (aka The Candidates) Study Guide___

Going to list a few of the study guide questions I really liked and my answers to them.

4.) What kind of person do you think Mr. Judan is? Do you trust him? What clues does the author give that lead you to this conclusion?
I am unsure of what kind of a person Mr. Judan is. He does make me wary. I get this impression from his first apperance when Dancia meets him. Also, the powerful ability we learn he has causes us to be wary of him because it would be very easy for him to use his power for "bad". Examples: pg.4 Comparing his voice to a politician. pg.8 Made Dancia's grandma feel embarrassed about being When Dancia wants more time to decide: "Mr. Judan's mouth tightend and his eyes went cold." Cold eyes=bad juju.

5.)What kind of person is Jack? Describe the choices he has made in his life. Do you think he made the right choices? Why or why not?
Jack is a conflicted teen. He wants to be safe, fit in and have friends. Yet, because he understands how this isn't a reality, from his past and knowledge of his powers, he gives up that dream. This causes him to be a darker character but one we can't help but love. I think he made the right choices because they kept him safe and Dancia safe, at least for now. Also, he is in grey area and the choices kept him safe because they were grey too.

8.)Do you know anyone like the characters in the book? In what ways are they similar? In what ways are they different?
I think that Dancia, Jack and Cam are pretty identifiable with people anyone could have known in high school. They represent to me: Dancia-the girl in the middle who can be friends with most people. Jack-the loner, rebellious boy. Cam-the popular, cute, jock, All American boy. Dancia's grandmother reminds me of a Betty White character. ;)


Ok, those were just a few of my favorites from the study guide. You should check it out on Inara Scott's website which is linked in a couple different places on my blog. :) Tell me what you think. Did you like the review? Do you have different answers/opinions of the study guide questions I answered? Let me know! I love to hear what ya think. xoxo ~T


  1. I think that was a well written review. Sounds exciting. (: Though very hard ignoring the study guide to make a comment on it. I don't want to spoil anything. Will be looking for this one in the book store. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Hannah! Sorry it was hard to avoid the spoilers.