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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Marked (aka The Watchers) Book 2 of The Talents (aka Delcroix Academy) series by Inara Scott

Dancia's back at Delcroix, but this year, everything's different. Dancia is Talented, and her powers have earned her an invitation to join Delcroix's real raison d'etre--the Program. All Dancia ever wanted is to use her powers for good--and now Delcroix is going to give her the training she needs to make it happen.
At least that's
what the school says she'll learn to do with her powers. Her cuter-than-cute boyfriend, Cam, insists that it's true, and so do all the other students. But a little voice insider her wonders, if the Program's so great, why did her friend Jack run away rather than join? And why are angry ex-students attacking the school?
Dancia's a loyal student... and a loyal girlfriend. But if finding out what's really going on means talking to Jack, well--it's a risk she just might have to take.

First off, I'd like to thank Inara Scott for this beautiful ARC of The Watchers (aka The Marked). I didn't have time to read it when I first received it in the mail and only got five chapters in over a course of 2 days. However, I finally had time last night to gobble it up and it was DELICIOUS!

Inara Scott doesn't disappoint in this continuation of Dancia's life at Delcroix. Though I fantasized many different things happening after The Candidates (aka The Talents), nothing happened like I thought it would. Which isn't to say, a bad thing. It's an AMAZING thing. Nobody could tell this story like Inara Scott, especially considering it's HER story to tell and none others... Moments of angst, tears and awe are what are in store for readers of this amazing tale. I'm excited to go pick up the Marked copy when it comes out next April. I'll be excited to see if and what Inara might have changed from this copy I just read. An AMAZING book, from an AMAZING author, who just AMAZES me up and down, or left and right (which is amazingly harder than up and down). ;) Favorite quote of the whole book, I have to say is: "Your talent painted pictures in the sky." I'm not telling who said it or to whom. ;) You'll have to read to find out. Inara blew my mind with this amazing poetic statement. I want to keep gushing and gushing over this one because of how wonderful it was, but it'll just become repetitive. So, for now I'll just say... I am a very good judge of book, this one is AMAZING, but don't believe me, go out and buy it on April 3, 2012 and find out for yourselves! =D 5/5 STARS!!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed this one. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yep, yep, I did enjoy it. :) I suggest you read it too, so you can enjoy it as well. ;)