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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reading and Writing

Ok, thought I'd update since I don't have a book finished being read yet. Though I did receive the 2nd book in the Healing Wars and have started it. I am, however, not overflowing with extra time so I am only like 3 chapters into so far. I did however use some free time last night to submit the first 4 chapters I have written of my Harry Potter Fan Fiction story, The Invisible Girl, to You can go there and check it out if you'd like. Excited that I already have 2 readers following the story, hopefully I can add more people and get some reviews written on it as well. I will submit my Dark Angel fan fiction story as well when I get the beginning chapters written. LOL. I am bad about that on that story. I have chapters in between chapters that aren't written because I imagined them in my head and didn't write them down. Anyways, sorry no reviews yet. I will try to get some reading done today. Any suggestions for next reads? Any suggestions for fan fiction to write? Let me know. The picture of Fred and George Weasley because George Weasley is one of the main characters in my fan fic.

Here is the link to the story:

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