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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Mage's Daughter by Lynn Kurland

The Mage's Daughter is the sequel to Star of the Morning, and I am currently now reading the 3rd book following this one, Princess of the Sword. At 378 pages long, this is a little long winded considering it's actual length. I found it enjoyable, but it was a bit slower paced throughout than Star of the Morning. Interesting enough though, to keep you reading on.

Neroche is under assault by a mysterious magic that has stripped its king of his powers and unleashed nightmarish creatures as weapons in a war of evil.

Duty bound to aid his king, Miach of Neroche is torn between what his responsibilities dmand and what his heart desires.

I love to give teases of the excerpt. Sometimes they just tell us more than we should know going into the novel. Anyways, I love how we move into more of the romance in this novel. It's hard not to be excited to see Miach go after his heart and leave his duties on the back burner. There are surprises and mysteries that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Characters will be killed. Others will be captured. It's all in a months work in Neroche. lol. This is the exciting, fun, romantic part of this story. It's definitely a must read for those who have read Star of the Morning. If you haven't read Star of the Morning, go read it first, then read this one. :) 5/5 Stars!!

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