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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Charming the Highlander by Janet Chapman

So I took a break from romances. But now I'm back. This one is a mix of historical meets fantasy. Janet Chapman takes the beloved highlander men from old days and throws them through time to find the loves of their lives. This is the first of a 7 book series (so far). The beginning of this book was hard for me to get into because of a sudden death that annoyed me. All the characters are lovable (except the ones who are supposed to be the bad guys. haha) Janet Chapman knows how to slip her characters into your heart nearly by the end of the first paragraph introducing them. With a winter setting and dangerous exciting stuff happening Janet Chapman keeps this story rolling. She also didn't disappoint with the Sutter brothers! Grace Sutter is the main female character and her 6 brothers are scattered about the country away from her. But by the end they come together and if anyone ever dreamt of tough, protective brothers, the Sutter brothers are perfect. Especially considering who they gotta be intimidating to. hehe. A good read. I will continue to read through this series that once again my sister got me into. That's what I get for getting her into the Dark series by Christine Feehan (it's 19 books long. so far. haha). Anyways... 8/5 stars :)

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