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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SoT by Terry Goodkind, B3- Blood of the Fold

So, I finished the 3rd book in The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind a couple days ago. Blood of the Fold was very good. Being 623 pages long made it a faster read than the 2nd book by far. It also had alot of exciting things going on in this one, rather than just having a sense of dread. We see alot of twists and turns in this book. Richard now has Aydindril in the palm of his hand if he can hold tight enough... Alot of alliances and trust between them are tested... Good point; not as many horrific torture or rape scenes. Though at a few points I winced and grabbed my I also found myself yelling at Richard alot throught this book. He's so headstrong and just going off and doing whatever whim of an idea comes to mind. Though his ideas have not come to go wrong enough that I don't trust's just...I don't trust Terry Goodkind not to twist it on us. I find that as soon as you think something is going right Mr. Goodkind decides to flip the tables on us. That can be a double egded sword there. I like to not feel on the verge of histaria reading a book and reading about the characters. LOL...ok. Maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit... Maybe I'm just feeling that way now...I started the 4th book yesterday. ;) Let me just say this... I have times I just wanna yell at both Kahlan and Richard, maybe go as far as bend them over my knee and spank them. ROFL. Anyways, 3rd book was wonderful :) I was very happy with it after reading the 2nd book and worrying that the 3rd would be like it.

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