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Sunday, October 25, 2009

SoT by Terry Goodkind, B2- Stone of Tears

So the 2nd book in The Sword of Truth series is Stone of Tears. This had to be the LONGEST book I have ever read. It was 979 pages long and felt it. It was a good book, but I had a hard time getting through the first half of the book. I had become so attached to the characters from the 1st book that I just felt a sense of dread and foreboding that made every page feel like the longest day of my life. With tons of sneak peeks at prophecy of what may or may not happen to our favorite characters throughout the book, it made it hard to want to keep reading. I'm one of those people who yell at people on tv when they do stuff stupid or stuff that I know will only cause them grief, because as the reader we have more insight about things than the characters sometimes have. I rarely feel like yelling at characters in the books I read, but I felt like doing that in this book. For those of you haven't ever read this book, do not read this as a bad thing and decide not to read it. Would you not live your life just because someone told you it wouldn't be a good one and that you would make tons of mistakes? I would still live my life and vow that it had to be better than that person said. The 2nd half of this books makes up for the 1st half of this book. Trust me you will be smiling at the end. :)

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